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Product and Mould Engineering


An accurate and careful design is the best way to proceed smoothly and be able to guarantee the achievement of first-class outcomes.

Cutting-edge items analysis, arrangement of the necessary for the manufacturing process, quick answers even to unexpressed and future needs, technical documentation and assistance provision to Customers regarding the product usage: this is what we call Engineering. In other words:

-Testing all the project features (functional and aesthetic qualifications, terms of usage, etc);

-Implementing Structural and FEM Analysis for complex projects;

-Verifying project suitability in terms of correct thickness computation, discharge points check (to avoid shrinkages or deformations), materials adequacy control for specific applications;

-Implementing Metal-Replacement studies, in order to replace metal parts with thermoplastic solutions, e.g. re-engineering aluminium products through high-performance polymers.

-Carrying out Co-design activities, sharing reciprocal knowledge and improving specific know-how on thermoplastics.

In case of very complex projects,
 Netmade can provide the Mould Flow simulation support, which allows a good analytic detail and gives a plastic materials working simulation.



For the asking, Netmade is willing to provide quick product prototypings, employing different materials according to the specific requirements:

-Thermoplastics, metal sands and dusts, waxes;
-Thermoadhesive paper sheets;
-Wax and thermoplastic wires. 


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