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"Coming together is a beginning

keeping together is progress

working together is a success"

[Henry Ford]


Business Network pojects' aim is the identification and the development of team-working and integration opportunities between companies, both within the same production chain and of complementary sectors, in order to achieve important shared advantages.


Business Networks are coordination entities particularly appropriate for SMEs that are willing to increase their critical mass and have a greater impact on the market, without having to merge under the control of a single subject.

In few words, a Business Network could be defined as << a complex of companies that integrate with each other, operating in "partial" business autonomy>>.

Main requirements to create a functioning Net:

  1. Confidence and reciprocal esteem, before being a Business Network, it is a People Network; 
  2. Solid, dynamic and independent companies (they should not depend exclusively on the Net);
  3. A shared value system;
  4. A long-term common strategy;  
  5. High specialized enterprises: each Net unit should increase and share its proper specialization;
  6. A governance system with a hierarchical structure;
  7. A good ICT system that can connect all the Network companies.

According to us, a Net is not:

  1. A trend, because it should be included in a long-term strategy;
  2. A life jacket: each company must be healthy and vital independently from the Net;
  3. A tool with the sole aim of obtaining public incentives.

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